Why a Divorce Lawyer Is Important – New York State Law

They’re a fantastic solution to settling difficult cases including child custody, divorce and Alimony. The job of the attorney is to protect your rights in divorce.
Can a divorce with no fault be challenged?
The situation can be. This happens when couples disagree about divorce rules and are unable to avoid court.
Are husband and wife able to apply for divorce?
The petitioners will not have priority, but prioritise the first petitioner. A second petitioner is required to withdraw their petition by asking the judge to drop the case. The court can then take over the proceedings for the second petitioner.
How can I reach my husband’s lawyer?
It is possible to do so. However, only if self-representation is allowed. If, however, you’re represented by legal counsel, the contact could be seen as a violation of ethics and professional codes.
Are you able to get married without getting divorced?
You can, but only if you are legally married. And no, if you were previously legally married and your divorce decree or certificate of dissolution of marriage is not yet issued to signify the termination of the union. Or else, it’s considered bigamy, which is criminal in nature and punishable by law. 3h3lnucwl7.

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