The Origin of Fire Sprinklers – Free Encyclopedia Online

The fire sprinklers system guards our home from fires, no matter if we’re at school or working in a factory. This article examine what is the source of this fire-sprinkler.

ForthRight Explains, Leonardo da Vinci invented the very first fire sprinkler. Da Vinci invented the fire sprinkler in order to serve as one of his dukes, however, this first model failed to work and inundating a kitchen.

This glass-disc sprinkler first appeared in 1890. It was very similar to the model is used in the present. The problem with the sprinkler was its cost. This was because it was new technology which meant that businesses could not afford buy the costly product. The sprinkler was not insured by the insurance companies.

The cost of sprinkler systems prompted the owners of businesses to consider the most creative ways to fund sprinkler systems. It was decided that factories owners to unite and establish their own insurance firms. The factories were able to install sprinklers on each of their structures.

Sprinklers are now required in all buildings. It’s fascinating looking at the background of an item that plays such an vital importance to our everyday lives.


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