Typical Costs of Siding Work – Home Improvement Videos

Projects can be very different according to the material used, the big the home is in addition to the climate. (The Video below will provide more information). A good option is doing some internet research and schedule time to request quotes from siding contractors. These are average costs for common siding varieties. There are many variables that could determine the cost of the project.

Vinyl siding – $3-$7 per square foot, including installation. Vinyl siding is cheap or as expensive as wood and masonry siding. If the residence is a 2,200-square-foot single-story ranch with an average pitch for the roof and without dormers or any other elements, it will have about 2,500 square feet of walls on the exterior. The cost of construction work and materials would be to approximately 10,000. Vinyl siding can be purchased for $4/square foot.

Wood shingle – $5-$10 per square foot that is installed. It’s a popular choice that has a lower cost than stone and brick. While wood requires more care than vinyl, it is more affordable than stones. Contact home for more details!


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