Incredible Black Artists You Should Check Out! – Art Magazines Online

Art is infinite, you can lose yourself in awe of the works of art available on the Internet. From artists to fashion designers and even sculptors, architects and designers the work of artists has left an immeasurable mark on our world that can stand in the face of the years. The field of art has greatly improved thanks to the contributions of African American artists, who are the pioneers of a myriad of types and styles. The following video showcases some of the most talented and influential black artists and painters.

Jean Michel Basquiat focuses his street art style around issues of duality, including freedom vs. slavery and inner vs. external experience. Alma Thomas uses bright, colorful patterns and designs to investigate color and shape. Glenn Ligon, a world-renowned sculpturer, has his works based on the period of historical deprivation and marginalization of African American. His work employs type and text to convey powerful messages for his audiences. David Hammons is another sculptor and artist, who has brought African art to the present day with his pieces that are influenced by ancient African traditions. It is impossible to list all of the many talents of black artists changing the art of painting.


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