Why you need RSS feeds on your website

RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary is a web syndication format used by many websites in syndicating their content. Most websites today have RSS feeds because websites with RSS feeds can easily publish their content and have them received by their subscribers. With RSS feeds for website once the site publishes the content on its website, those who have subscribed to the feed will immediately receive a summary of the content. This is not just on text content. RSS feeds for website is also applicable in audio and video content although the feed will be a summary of the audio or video content. RSS is also called Really Simple Syndication because it really an easy way to syndicate a content. When you create RSS feed for website, the visitor to your site will be able to receive the content if they subscribe to it. So for example, if the website is a news site or news channel, then as soon as the website publishes a breaking news, the subscriber will be able to receive the RSS news feeds for website immediately.

Users or subscribers will then be able to receive the RSS feeds for website with an RSS reader for website. The RSS reader, technically known as RSS feed aggregator for website, is what readers need to install in their computers or devices so that they can receive and read the feeds. There are many RSS feeds for website aggregators or readers that are downloadable for free on many sites. One simply has to choose one, download it and install in his computer or device and he can then receive the content as they are published.

RSS feeds for website has many advantages. For the owner of the website the RSS feeds for website can actually drove traffic to your site. This is because if the subscriber finds the feed worth reading, not just its summary, he will go to your site to read it. With every feed, you encourage or invite the reader to visit your website. This is different from simply letting the reader visit your site whenever they want, as what many bookmarks do. With the RSS feeds for website you constantly remind and invite the subscriber to visit your site. Second, with RSS feeds for website you can stay connected with your subscribers. Supposing your website sells products, then the feeds is your way of being in constant communication with your market. For example, you can regularly publish the benefits of your products. Your subscribers will receive them and will be reminded to buy the product. You can therefore use it t promote your product. Third, you can use the feeds to build your brand. With the right content, you can actually improve or strengthen you brand. You can publish your organizations commitment to serving the public, its commitment to corporate social responsibility and other similar principles that drive your organization.

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