What Is a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal? –


Are you aware of these? Learn more about their uses today.

Carbon seals’ purpose is to prevent the entry of fluids and gases into sealed containers. You can see these in practical applications like jet skis or motorbikes. They are utilized for a variety of manufacturing processes such as turbine engines. They seal the air when placed in an environment with low-pressure. Similar seals can be seen inside sauce jars.

The segmented seal can be used in large equipment like containers and tankers. The dimension of the machine where the segments are used will determine the number required. It’s possible to identify the manufacturer who will make your customized product.

This video will provide an explanation of how these items are created. The article discusses O-rings that are comparable as carbon seal rings with the exception that they’re composed from rubber. Then, call a company within your region to inquire about ordering the products you will require to run your business.


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