What is a Clinical Laboratory And What Do Clinical Lab Consultants Do? – Life Cover Guide

A screening facility is where tests are performed on a body fluid or tissue of a patient for the health care team to come to a diagnosis to then recommend treatment and help to prevent the spread of this illness. The labs are stocked with large parts of equipment as well as a lot of chemicals that are frequently used. Only doctors with authority have access to these labs.

There are a variety of clinics that have departments like hematology, coagulation, urinalysis as well as many others. Each one focuses on distinct types of tests for various bodily fluids and tissues. Like urinalysis for instance, which is the study of urine which is what the name suggests. Hematology On the other hand, is the study and study of blood and its components. Your blood will be taken into these laboratories when there are blood tests to be conducted.

For more details about clinical labs and what happens in them, watch this short video. This video will help you to learn more about how they work.


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