Websites with RSS Feeds

Are you familiar with rss feeds? RSS stands for rich site summary. RSS is basically a web application that automatically aggregates new content from website into one standardized format. For example, say you follow several web comics that update at different times of the week. Rather than having to go to every individual website in order to see if there is new content, you can simply create an rss news feed for web comics. Just by glancing at the RSS feed, you will be able to tell instantly which web comics have new posts added.

RSS is useful for people and websites alike. For people, like in the example, it can help them list and organize a location for checking up on their favorite websites For websites, it can often be useful to show people relevant websites and links they can access, that link either to outside sites or back to alternate pages of the website itself. Websites with rss feeds maintain relevancy.

Many websites with rss feeds are sites we use on a daily basis. RSS news feeds are often employed by News sites, since it allows them to display all the newest updates, which is an essential function to have for a website that is built around providing fresh information. Many websites with rss feeds added experience increased web traffic as a result. Another name for how rss feeds are displayed on web pages is rss feed widget for website. Widget is a common online term for simple functional applications.

RSS feeds are also good for sharing information with others. There are many categories of rss feeds online. If you want to read all the latest updates on news from Hong Kong, for example, there are websites with rss feeds specific to that.

If you are want to create rss feed for website, it is easy to do. If you want to make sure that other people can add you to their lists, this is automatically something they can do just by using your url, although it is possible to get the rss icon to remind them. If you want to have an rss aggregator list on your website, you just have to do a search for rss code, and insert it into the html of your website.

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