Three Ways RSS Feed Aggregators for Websites Improve Your Reach

According to Visual News, 571 new webpages are created every minute. WordPress has 347 new blog posts created and Flickr users add over 3,000 new photos in that same 60 second period. The fact is that there is more web content being generated than ever before. If you want to get content in front of web users, you have to offer them high quality, engaging posts. Beyond that, you have to offer that to them in a convenient, easily digestible format. Using a RSS feed aggregator for websites you run can allow you to do that. Here’s how.

  • Offer More Convenience
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    As aforementioned, there are thousands of new pieces of content being published across the web every minute. Consider how much time it takes to use web searches to find that content, check to see if it is worth your time, and then repeat the process. By offering your site’s updates through an RSS news feed, you can automatically update readers when you have new content to offer. This means they do not have to waste their time visiting your site when there is nothing new to offer. Since your business depends on serving your clients, offering them improved convenience through a RSS feed aggregator for websites is a great idea.

  • Become an Authority, Not a Self-Promoter
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    Janet Johnson, a social media strategist, recommends you share content created by others in your field. Why? By offering high quality content generated by other providers, you create the notion that you are not only interested in promoting yourself. If you run a site specializing in NFL news, for example, then sharing an article from another site shows you are interested in furthering the overall dialogue about football. By using a RSS feed aggregator for website content, you can share new content from other websites automatically on your front page, allowing you to demonstrate yourself as an authority, a main hub for all things pertaining to your topic.

  • Let People Go Mobile
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    RSS news feeds are now easily accessible through mobile applications. Unfortunately, many websites do not optimize their content for mobile users in standard webpage formats. However, websites with RSS feeds are able to share their content to high quality mobile RSS readers like Pulse. These applications not only allow your readers to take your content with them wherever they go, but they also allow them to easily share your content on huge social platforms like Facebook.

Utilizing news feed RSS capability on your webpage can help to spread your brand across the web. A RSS feed aggregator for websites brings subscribed content into one centralized location automatically, adding a considerable amount of convenience to your users’ web experience. Further, RSS feeds for websites allow you to demonstrate yourself as an authority while people take you on the go with their mobile devices. Why would you not use RSS?

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