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example, funding from various sources, including government grants such as private donors, government grants, as well as foundations.

The HealthWell Foundation is committed to improving patients’ lives by making people aware of the dangers of certain diseases, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Patients can select from a broad range of specialist and essential services which include dental health and physicals, gynecology examinations Rehabilitation service as well as mental health counseling as well as Neurological rehabilitation. Alongside free services, patients may apply for financial assistance when they are eligible based on income levels up to 500% of the federal poverty limit (FPL).

Secure Reservations

Even though your doctor will be there to help you when you need it, sometimes they will not be enough to fulfill all the needs of. The Foundation is able to assist you with obtaining an appointment with a physician or provide financial assistance for paying for the visit of a health care provider, depending the circumstances.

Independent and experienced management

HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation is managed by its board of directors that are volunteers from the health sector in the U.S. and professional staff who administers its money. The team is experienced and has who have successfully completed many projects and initiatives, the Foundation manages a variety of projects that are funded by various foundations and corporations. They aim to provide the top quality health care to all people, no matter the financial resources they have.

Receives High Ratings From Leading Charity Oversight Organizations

HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation is one of the top charities in America exclusively devoted to helping people with pre-existing conditions access medical attention when they need it most. This foundation is able to receive millions of dollars annually, which permits them to assist the who are most in need, without any additional cost.


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