RSS Feeds for Websites Make Great Marketing Tools

Do you ever wonder the advantages of RSS feeds for websites? Often, these RSS feeds for websites are a great way to create a great user experience. Whether selecting the news that is most appropriate for the viewers to see, or just providing a great experience, providing RSS news feeds for websites is a handy feature to have.

RSS feeds for websites have been around for less than twenty years, and yet have a huge impact. Short for Rich Site Summary, RSS feeds for websites were invented in 1995 by a team at Apple Computers. Often dubbed as real simple syndication, an RSS feed aggregator for websites is an easy update format for any website. News sites, blogs, and any other site that features constant updating use RSS feeds for websites. There are even RSS feeds for websites that can be custom built for news.

At its most basic level, most websites with RSS feeds use them for mundane purposes. Often, these RSS feeds are used for updating blogs, news, weather, or even new press releases the the organization releases. As such, RSS feeds are often boring features found on many websites.

When wielded right, though, RSS feeds can be used as marketing tools. Let us say you are a start up biofuel refinery. Your RSS feed will center on news from the biofuel industry. Perhaps it is a story on scientists discovered the superiority of the feed stock you use. Perhaps it relates to lowering the tariffs on a biofuel nation that produces goods more cheaply than you do. Whatever it is, an RSS feed can make customers and potential investors reflect on the news, and make them more confident in you.

RSS feeds for websites are great for many tasks, both big and small. What they are even better at doing is marketing. If you are considering RSS feeds for websites, be sure to see how that feed can show your target audience what they want to see.

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