Reasons to Install a Vented Roof System – Home Improvement Tax

No matter if are a first-time homebuyer or looking to fix the current problems It is crucial that you are aware of the type of roof your home has. An efficient attic airflow will help protect your roofbut will also allow you to save cash on monthly costs for energy.

The proper ventilation systems include both intake and exhaust vents. These allow for the circulation of airand stop moisture from building up. If the airflow is not adequate and your roof shingles are damaged, they could fall off or become a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause damage to the shingles and framing. The moisture generated by daily activities such as cooking or showers, can trap moisture in the ceiling or roof, which in turn may lead to mold or wood decay. You can avoid thousands in injuries by being vigilant and ensuring you have an air-ventilated roof.

Heat traps in attics can make snow melt, that then spills down the drains, then become frozen, which can cause expensive repairs. Also, this escaping air leads to lower energy efficiency, causing your heat or air conditioning to work harder year-round. Talk to your contractor to make sure you’ve got the proper ventilation prior to putting up a roof. jc125sv3ob.

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