New to Plumbing? Avoid These Mistakes – Great Conversation Starters

You’re trying something totally different. Sometimes, it’s enough just a few minutes to look for a little help. It’s not always necessary learn by doing it yourself. In this video we will teach you about commonly-made plumbing mistakes and ways to avoid them like plumbers.

People don’t hesitate to connect pipes made of steel and copper. However, this is a very bad idea. This is a dangerous idea. Thus, you’ll need to be consistent with the piping that you use either by using a dielectric joining piece to link the two types of pipe.

Wrapping Teflon tape clockwise on the fitting is another typical error. This allows it to fall off and then come unraveled in its own. Worse, it can make the fittings fall out. It can lead to serious leaks if this is not dealt with. They can also cause additional issues. You can see that it’s not difficult for one problem to turn into more troubles like dominoes smashing each others over. This is why it is better to fix the problem in the correct way first time.


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