Lets Talk About How Cars Are Designed – Car Talk Podcast


rs are spent on research and development, even before a car goes into production. It is overwhelming. Each part must be designed as well as the assembly lines and machines must be set up to produce the pieces. For the production of the parts, materials must be sourced and efficiently transported. All this has to be assembled at the plant with delicate steps. However, we must not overlook the crucial part. What is the process that takes a car to end up from the mind of a genius designer and into the inventory of your neighborhood car dealer or rental car company? This video will teach you how you can find out more.

The process of designing begins in mud, whether or it isn’t. It starts with clay. The clay is used to construct a scale model of promising designs. This allows designers to be able to collaborate on the design while seeing the design take shape. The process of designing is speeded up and the quality is improved. The designers often discover imperfections in the design in the model process which they did not notice with their virtual model. One of the advantages of using clay for prototyping cars is this:


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