How to Fry Smoked Fish – Food Talk Online

It’s summer to smoke it. For those who enjoy fishing, smoking fish is an old-fashioned tradition. Smoking fish is an excellent method to impart a unique taste to the fish as well as cook it outside.

In the video posted here an expert in barbecue shows his method of smoking fish. It says you are able to prepare your fish in any way you want and make use of all sorts of fish such as trout. He does not remove the heads and scales of the fish at the beginning part of cooking, but they are prepared by him and then season them with the spice rub along with maple syrup interior.

After the fish is seasoned, the cook will place them into the smoker. The temperature will be 200-225F for about three to four hours. This will allow the fish to slow cook within the smoker. This means that you don’t have to do any changes to the fish which makes it easy to make smoked fish.

When the fish is smoked after which the cook in the clip adds butter onto the inside of the fish, and then places the fish in a hot, buttered skillet for frying. When you cook trout, it’s not necessary to require removing the bones or scales since they’ll dissolve on their own. iubh17wznf.

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