How To Add RSS Feed Widget For Website

A RSS feed widget for website is a snazzy little interactive module that can be seen on websites. They are responsible for bringing you information from another site. Examples of widgets include games, clocks, music, maps, weather, RSS news feeds and even television. Whenever you create RSS feed for website you’ll be able to display information from your website on anothr website. This is done in order to increase readership on your website.

Anyone who’d like to create RSS feeds for website, whether it be RSS news feeds for website or something else, will need to take the following steps in order to do so:
1. Go to your favorite widget website.
2. Search for a RSS feed widget for website. This should bring up several of them for you, including ones that scroll and others that are much more complex in nature.
3. Decide upon which RSS feed widget for website you’d like to use.
4. Once you choose which RSS feed widget for website you’d like to use you’ll be promptd to enter the feed URL from the source page, which will be from your website. Now click on the RSS feed icon. It will display a link in your browser that will be the RSS feed URL. You’ll need to copy this to your clipboard and paste it into the RSS Feed field on the widget setup page.
5. Your basic RSS feed widget has now been created and you can now set the other options up as you so desire. They will include things like the scroll speed and background color.
6. Copy your code onto your clipboard and paste it into your web page. This will work on any web page that accepts HTML. If the web page that you’re working with doesn’t accept Javascript, you’ll need to make sure to grab the widget that only has HTML code.
7. Save or publish your Web page in order to test your new RSS feed widget out.

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