How Lawyers Are Still Held Accountable For Their Actions – Legal Videos

Though some attorneys might be in a position to choose the best way to approach a case to protect their clients’ rights and rights, they can’t avoid being responsible to pay for any damages. ABC News posted a YouTube video that reads “Lawyer exonerated from lying before FBI”. It describes the way Michael Sussman was cleared of being a liar. We’ll find out!
Holding Lawyers Accountable

Legal professions are self-regulated, which means that attorneys can be able to have a free pass for many crimes but not be held accountable in the same way as ordinary citizens. However, this doesn’t suggest that lawyers aren’t subject to punishment for their behavior.

Michael Sussman had been linked to the Clinton administration. Also, he was investigated for possible connections with Russian emails. Donald Trump’s attorney general argued an argument against Sussman in which he questioned his connection with the foreign government, which was first raised by the FBI investigation. The Washington jury found him innocent of any charges. The jury stated that they believed that Sussman’s lawyer provided the FBI the truth.

Check out the rest of the video for more details and remember to always hire a lawyer when you need them!


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