How Dented Garage Doors Are Repaired – Skyline Newspaper

dent in your aluminum or steel garage door. Garage doors need to be level and straight to work properly. Dents of a large size can influence curb appeal.

There is no need to believe that your garage door has broken beyond repair. Fixing your garage door by yourself with the guidance of this video in the video below, for only 10 dollars.

One of the most crucial aspects of this DIY local garage door repair is the support for the door panels that have been damaged. The owner uses thin pieces of wood behind the dent to accomplish this. Then, he drills through the garage door wood to pull the damaged areas back into shape. He then paints the screws with the same color as the garage door so they will blend with the metal and door. The work is completed with some duct tape in order to make everything as secure and smooth as is possible when the garage door is lifted and then lowered.

Even though the results from the work won’t last as long like a repair from a professional However, they may help homeowners put off costly repairs until they’ve saved money to pay for an entirely new door.

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