How Ancient Jewelry Gives Us a Glimpse Into the Past – Best Travel Magazine

ecious gemstones. Even though it’s difficult to appreciate the politics or the traditions, culture and customs of past societies however, there is a lot to relate to their jewellery. Much of the pieces they created are similar to what we see now. In this video, we will discover how the ancient art of jewelry offers a glimpse of the times of the past.

Beautiful gold earrings were an iconic feature of the early Italians. They were round in shape with intricate designs created by hand. These earrings are actually surprisingly identical to the earrings you can find today. They are stud earrings that attach in the same way. It was discovered that an exclusive crown made of gold with encrusted leaves had been designed by the Romans. The design was not meant for normal usage, however it would have likely been put on at funerals. Leaves have burns that are tanned to show this. It is as if it was burned in the flame. It is truly incredible learning about the past and stories of jewellery from across the globe.


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