Homebound? Choose a Mobile Physical Therapy Service – NYC Independent Press

ical therapy was only offered in clinics designed for the treatment. These facilities include all of the necessary equipment for exercises in physical therapy and remain an ideal option for people who need a physical therapy treatment. The majority of people living at home who could be benefited from physical therapy, are unable to access it because of their own personal situation.

If you’re unable to get out of your home or require assistance, you might opt for the option of mobile physical therapy. These services are relatively new and are a little more limited than traditional physical therapy clinics. They’re a great source for anyone who wants to become more mobile and less painful.

A physical therapy mobile clinic is available for those who do not have the ability to travel. They are able to come to your office, home, or gym. You won’t need to travel out of your ways to go to the sessions for physical therapy, however you will still be able to reap the entire benefits of physical therapy. This can help many patients continue to attend physical therapy for much longer that they could have kept up with it.

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