Happily Ever After Starts With Buying that First Home for Many Americans

Finding “the one” is the first step in how most people see their future. When you find the right person to spend your life with, it truly feels like hitting the lottery. Buying (or receiving ) engagement rings, planning a future, talking about kids, and where you will live solidifies the future.

For many couples, engagement rings are more than an expression of love. They are the catalyst where talk turns into serious planning. Many couples, in the interest of starting their future, buy their first home when they are engaged.

How The Story Unfolds for More Than Half American Couples

Even among couples that are not planning on getting married any time soon, home ownership is a goal. Home ownership has been a long standing part of the “American dream”, while many of the factors of the American dream have changed over the years, owning a home is still a number one priority for most couples.