4 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Drains – Find a Residential Plumber

your drain. It isn’t necessary for a plumber call to resolve this problem. The video outlines solutions you can implement to clear the blocked drains.

First, pour boiling water in the sink. Hot water will soften the grease that has stuck into the drain. Make sure to do this two times so that all grease and any other debris is washed away entirely.

Next, use vinegar and baking soda as a remedy. You can place a teaspoon baking soda inside the drain hole. Next, pour one cup of vinegar into it. The mixture creates carbon dioxide, which helps lift dirt and dirt. Put a second cup vinegar into the drain, and then pour hot water to wash and unclog the drain.

To get rid of stuck objects, place an empty drain pipe into the hole. In order to determine the source of blockage, unscrew your drain pipe. Shut off the water supply and then place a bucket beneath to catch any water. Unplug the water supply . Place the bucket on top to capture the excess water. This DIY methods can be employed to clear drains that are clogged. If you are still having problems, contact a plumber.


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