2022 Health Care Advice Everyone Should Know – 1302 Super

Begin the year in a fresh way. We have 20 healthy ideas to start to a healthy and balanced lifestyle by 2022.

The top priority in 2022’s healthcare will be the consumption of sugar. In excess sugar consumption can cause tooth decay, and overweight. The advice for children and adults is to take in less than 10% of their daily calories coming from sugars that are free. This equals 50g, or around 12g, in teaspoons for adults. To promote good health White House recommends that you consume less than 5% of your total energy. Reduce your intake of sugar by limiting your intake of sweet treats, sweet food, and drinks.

It is recommended to consume 30% less fat than your typical calories. This will lower the risk of developing NCDs and assist you in losing weight. There are many different types of fats are available but unsaturated fats tend to be preferred to saturated and trans fats. The World Health Organization suggests decreasing saturated fats to less than 10% of consumption of calories and substituting unsaturated fats for both saturated and trans fats.


Take care of the quantity of alcohol you are drinking now in 2022 health care. Consuming alcohol may cause many health issues, such as problems with mental and behavioral health and alcoholism.

Smoking is a major cause of NCDs such as heart disease, lung disease, and stroke. Non-smokers are also exposed to the smoke from secondhand sources. Even though it is true that there are 15.9 million adult smokers within the Philippines, 7.9 million are seeking to quit, or are planning to stop.

You are able to stop smoking even if you’re already smoking. When you stop, your health will benefit both in the short and long-term. That you do not smoke is great. Don’t try to smoke for the sake of protecting your right to enjoy a healthy air, free from cigarett


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