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With the right decoration, it can feel magical. Vintage rugs are great way of adding bright colors to your room. It’s not uncommon to see weddings that include balloons or flowers however it’s rare to find people wearing the rug.

If you’re looking to host a bohemian style wedding, rugs could be an excellent choice. There are vintage rugs in different colors and a vast array of patterns. For a unique look it is possible to mix and match different rugs.

Not only can you make use of rugs for decorating the reception space however, you could also use them as part of the decorations during your wedding ceremony. Rugs that are appropriate can transform your ceremony venue. Rugs can be a fantastic choice if indoor decor is vital.

Bring rugs you already love to the wedding venue. Also, you can find the perfect carpets at your local thrift shop. If you’re lucky and lucky, you’ll be able to find excellent options within your budget. There is also the possibility of asking your friends and family members for carpets, so that you could take something home.

5. Design stunning backgrounds for your photos.

It is likely that you will take a lot of pictures from your special day. Create your background, even if there are already beautiful backdrops available at the venue. The backdrops can add to your wedding’s decor, and also allow guests to take pictures with friends and family.

A simple way to make an impressive backdrop is by purchasing a huge wooden canvas. It is possible to cover the canvas with flowers, or other decoration that’s appropriate to your wedding. You can place your backdrop on a well-lit area and put up a sign to inform people it is a location for photos. It is possible to add some lighting for your photo!

Alongside creating your backdrop, seek out ways to inspire people to take pictures that are memorable and enjoyable. One example is to place a table alongside your backdrop and fill it with props. Also, you can use feathers and hats.


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